It’s available!

Exciting news, folks: The Protector’s Pledge is now available in paperback and as an eBook on Amazon! Want to read some of it for free? Umm…yeah you do! Visit the book’s Amazon pages (on,,,,,,…. o.k. you get the picture) and check out the Look Inside feature. (If you do end up reading The Protector’s Pledge, please, please, please consider giving it a rating and writing a review).

Another online purchasing option is my CreateSpace eStore:

And for all my friends in Trinidad and Tobago: I dropped off copies at Charran’s Book Stores in Trincity Mall yesterday (Tel: 640-3155). Copies will also be available at Charran’s branches in San Juan (675-9023) and Tunapuna (663-1476).

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4 thoughts on “It’s available!

  1. valerie king

    Thanks for the info. Congratulations again!!! Going to get me one.

  2. Danielle.McClean

    Thank you so much for your support, Valerie!

  3. Cami Browne

    A mutual friend got my twin girls an autographed copy of this book when it was launched…. At the time they were 10 and found the language a bit intimidating….. However a year later when they picked it up they gobbled through the pages and had read the entire thing in just over a day…. They loved it! Thank you for this wonderfully put together piece or artwork…. We eagerly await future works and wish you all the best in you prosperous career ahead…. Thanks again…. God Bless….

  4. Danielle.McClean

    Cami, I am so happy that your daughters picked up The Protector’s Pledge again and enjoyed reading it. Many, many thanks for getting in touch and for your good wishes! D.M.

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