Ringing in 2024

Happy New Year, everyone!

Reflecting on the past year, there’s a lot that 2023 brought along with it that I loved: invaluable family and friend time, professional and literary connections and opportunities, unanticipated visits and adventures, and the space for creative development and growth. But devastating happenings in the wider world and emotionally distressing occurrences closer to home did, at times, make me want to alternately hold my head or throw up my hands in despair. When will we humans get this whole living, loving, coexisting, and respecting thing right? 

I do have a stubbornly optimistic spirit, though, and it is hopeful for (and low-key excited by) all the wonderfully positive things that can happen around us and through us in these next twelve months. So, here’s to anticipating an abundance of beautiful moments, great or small, and forging ahead with the mettle to make our corners of the world that much brighter and better in our own unique ways.

May 2024 be good to us all, and may we also be good to each other. 

Peace and love, 

~ Danielle

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