2019: The Year of…

2019 will be a year of courage. For some it will take the form of stepping into the unknown and pursuing an opportunity or dream, while for others it will be to finally say no to a situation that has gone on for too long. May our eyes and minds be open to recognize our […]


Here’s to remembering that there’s at least one person or thing for whom/which we can be thankful –today and every day– and that our smiles, words of kindness and wisdom, as well as our actions can be someone else’s blessing. Peace and love,¬† Danielle

For Your Listening Pleasure ;-)

I loved, loved, LOVED doing this voiceover project and am so excited that Secrets of Oscuros: The Protectors’ Pledge is now available as an audio book. Visit Amazon or Audible and have a listen to the sample! ūüôā  

As we start the New Year…

I wish us courage to pursue our dreams; the patience and persistence to realize them; an inextinguishable peace of mind and spirit; and lives of authentic joy. Happy New Year, everyone! May 2018 be all of this and more for you and your loved ones, my friends.  Peace and love, Danielle   

They’re off!

25¬†autographed copies of¬†The Protectors’ Pledge are on their way to winners of the recently concluded Goodreads book giveaway. Thanks again to all those who participated!

Cover Reveal

Hello, friends! I have¬†been¬†bursting to¬†share the brand new cover of The Protectors’ Pledge — 3rd place winner of the 2016 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature and¬†due¬†for publication¬†by CaribbeanReads Publishing at the end of May 2017.¬†Many thanks to¬†Ryan James and¬†Cherise Harris¬†for the front cover illustration and back cover elements, respectively.¬†Read the official announcement from CaribbeanReads here¬†and […]

I Wonder

Are we at the stage where we need to watch a person’s story unfold on screen—a big screen enhanced by surround sound, with each moment of drama, angst, hope, fear, and disillusionment perfectly matched with accompanying music and sound effects—before we can see that individual’s humanity and recognise it as equal to our own and […]

Writing/Publishing Update

In¬†my last blog post, Finding the Words,¬†I tried to capture and communicate the¬†wonderful experience that was the 2016 Bocas Lit Fest and¬†the honour of being one of this year’s¬†Burt Award¬†winners. It is¬†startling to think that five months have already gone by since I¬†shared those words, but much has¬†happened behind the scenes during that time.¬†For those […]