The Protectors’ Pledge

3rd Place 2016 CODE Burt Award for Caribbean Young Adult Literature!

Protectors' Pledge front cover

Title: The Protectors’ Pledge
Series: Secrets of Oscuros
Genres: Juvenile Fiction / Action and Adventure / Folklore / Fantasy
Suggested Ages: 8-12
Publisher: CaribbeanReads Publishing (May 31, 2017)
ISBN: 9780997890075

Exciting and fun filled…The tale is emotionally alive with vivid, engaging characters, memorable scenes, full of magic and light…Sprinkled with beautiful prose and descriptions.”
– 2016 Burt Award Judges

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Twelve-year-old JV can’t wait to spend his vacation exploring the Oscuros Forest. True, everyone in the village of Alcavere believes the Oscuros Forest is a place to be feared, inhabited by dangerous and magical beings. But JV is not afraid, even when his first trip into the forest brings him face-to-face with a mysterious creature. 

Then the disappearance of one of their own shakes the village and JV joins the search. He finds himself deep in the Oscuros Forest on a rescue mission and committed to a promise, a promise which the Protectors of the forest insist he keep, no matter how dangerous things get.

Can JV complete his daring quest even as he uncovers in the process, a shocking secret that will force him to question everything he thought he knew?

Book Excerpt

“Studying the dark skyline, he wondered why he’d never gone exploring on his own. Granny B wouldn’t have minded, and he wasn’t afraid of the ever-shifting shadows or intimidated by the way the Caribbean sun never fully reached the forest floor. And he certainly didn’t believe all those stories about the Oscuros Forest being a haven for the soucouyant—an old crone who shed her skin at night, turned into a ball of fire, and drank human blood—or the shape-shifting lagahoo who prowled during the dark hours always ready to sink his fangs into his next victim. Those tall tales were for babies and JV was twelve, after all” (McClean, 2015)

Formats: Paperback, hardcover, eBook, and audio book

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